Natalia from OT explodes due to the cancellation of the tribute to Álex Casademunt: “A very ugly thing” – Society

Natalia Rodríguez has been one of the well-known faces who have not wanted to miss the premiere in the capital of what promises to become one of the romantic comedies of the fall on Netflix, “We were songs.” Hurt and angry at what is being said about the cancellation of the tribute concert to her partner in Operación Triunfo Álex Casademunt – died last March in a fatal traffic accident – the triumph has broken her silence to come out in defense of her teammates.

And it is that in recent days it has been pointed out as one of the reasons for the suspension of the demand by some artists, such as David Bustamante, to collect their cache in advance despite the fact that the concert was something solidary to raise funds for Alex’s daughter, only three years old, and a way of honoring him from his fans. The high cost of producing the show, together with the low ticket sales, would have caused the family of the disappeared singer and its organization to have decided to cancel it permanently, unleashing criticism against the artists who were part of the cartel.

Outraged by everything she has read in recent days, Natalia asks her colleagues and “the people who wanted her to do a selfless tribute.” “Something beautiful, nothing of great pretensions, something small and that each one will have memories of him “, he points without being able to avoid getting excited.

Rotunda, the triumph comes out in defense of Bustamante and assures that “it does not seem fair to criticize us, to say what they are saying. that girl. They’re turning us into ogres, but I know that everything from us was going to be donated. “

“That the partridge does not get sick and that they do not speak things that are not. That they talk about money seems to me a very ugly thing. We have always been a pineapple, we have not gotten into trouble, we are a brotherhood, very closed and very hermetic in that sense and that they are saying these things to us hurts. I feel sorry for what I am seeing, “he confesses without giving credit to what has been published in recent days.

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In addition, Natalia has told us how her heart is after her break with Álex Pérez last December after 13 years together and, denying her relationship with Dj Carlos Sanfulgencio – with whom she was caught in a loving attitude a few months ago – reveals if you feel like falling in love or not.