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Since we met her in OperationTriunfo 2018, Natalia Lacunza It has only surprised us. The pamplonica has made her own niche in the music industry thanks to her two EPs, Other wings Y ep2, where it has found its own sound. His talent, far from remaining in our borders, has jumped to the other side of the ocean and has more and more followers in Latin America.

But not only that, Natalia also wants to work with producers there. Thus, this May, la young man has started it in Mexico. Last Friday, Lacunza landed in the famous American country with which he has fallen madly in love from the first minute.

How majestic are the people of Mexico ”, the young woman has written on her Twitter account. And it seems that Natalia is spending a few days of the most fun there.

In fact, this same weekend, the interpreter of nana triste has gone to one of the most impressive places in the country: the pyramids of Teotihuacan. The young woman has shared some stories and a publication on her Instagram account where she appears in front of the incredible building.

With a very touristy look, where she appears with a guitar, shorts and a white T-shirt, Natalia appears with a smile on her face as she looks at the horizon.

“A pretty incredible place, things vibrated inside us right @marcosfairweahter ?????? I’m freaking out with Mexico, I don’t want to spam a lot but give me time ”, the singer has written next to the image.

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In addition, the young woman has visited the Frida Khalo museum during these days. And it is that the young woman is soaking up Mexican culture.

Time to work

But not everything is going to be sightseeing in Mexico, far from it! Natalia has also taken the opportunity to create music. And there is nothing like a good trip to get inspired. Natalia is meeting the singer-songwriter Vanessa zamora During these days, have they written something together?

He has also been with the artist Bratty, who shared a story on his Instagram account where he gave us a clue about a possible new song. “Doing something to cry,” wrote the Mexican next to an image of Natalia.

Another of the artists Natalia has been with these days is with the Puerto Rican AJ Dávila. Come on, Lacunza has not wasted time at any time.

Without a doubt, this trip to Mexico is spreading a lot to him. Will he come with a new album under his arm?


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