Natalia Reyes spoke after allegations of sexual harassment against Ciro Guerra

The actress spoke about the allegations of eight women against the director of sexual harassment and abuse.

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After the controversy that sparked allegations of harassment and abuse of eight women against the film director Ciro Guerra, many were left with the uncertainty of knowing the identity of the women who dared to tell their story.

After the anonymity of these, many questioned the actress Natalia Reyes about it, because this starred “Summer Birds” (2018), one of the War tapes.

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Through a video in your account Instagram, the actress talked about the situation, confessing that she was never harassed by him, but showed her empathy for the women who reported him.

“Ciro is a man that I consider a friend and that I love and for those who have asked me, from whom I have not received any type of abuse or harassment”, he assured, adding that he has every right to defense.

He thanked the women who broke their silence to have the courage to share their testimoniesBecause they are experiences that she has also lived and normalized, confessing that she has been complicit in things like this continuing to happen.

Thus, made a wake-up call to his followers, both women and men, so that they are advocates of protecting the safety of women.

Too The rape of seven soldiers to an indigenous girl brought a limitation days before the complaints against Ciro Guerra were known, highlighting the little empathy that the Colombians had about this event.

“Could it be that we had found out earlier if the victim was the daughter of an entrepreneur?”he questioned.

“This is a topic for all of us, it is up to all of us (…) it is time for all of us to have courage, to put our hearts ahead, to speak, to set the rules of the game and to make this system, this industry, this world, be a safe place to be a woman “he concluded.

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