Natalia Salas reveals her treatment for breast cancer: Chemotherapy, radiotherapy and pills for 10 years | entertainment | SHOWS

Since she announced that she was diagnosed with breast cancer, Natalia Salas has shared with her followers every detail of her battle against this disease at her short 35 years of age.

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The actress returned with force to her social networks after undergoing a general mastectomy, and this Thursday, September 22, she reported that she must now receive chemotherapy, radiotherapy and pills to overcome cancer.

“All the treatments that exist, Natalia will receive. I have to receive chemotherapy, radiotherapy and pills, how many of each? They didn’t tell me about the chemotherapies about colors or numbers, radio an average of 20 and pills, I don’t know, but the first time I spoke with the mastologist, he gave me to understand that it was 10 years“, accurate.

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The former member of “There is room at the bottom” He also pointed out that the first step will be that the doctors will induce menopause and immediately put a catheter at chest level so that he can start receiving chemotherapies.

Natalia Salas said that although he is trying to face this disease with the best attitude, he cannot help feeling afraid of what this long fight against breast cancer.

“Yesterday was a difficult day, but today I feel good, I have more energy (…) What I am most afraid of is pain, but well… this is a great life lesson to tolerate pain and to be patient because it is a long-term treatment. Of course, I have an idea (of what chemotherapy is), but I’m not sure because I haven’t experienced it”narrowed down

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