Emmanuel Macron was already worried the release of the great debate, and since Thursday, March 14 he has a second. Nathalie Loiseau, the Minister in charge of Foreign Affairs, who seemed to have been chosen to take the top of the list The Republic in March they European did not really succeed its debate vis-a-vis Marine Le Pen last night during The Political Issue.

We can even say that she completely missed it. This debate was expected, Nathalie Loiseau is a pugnacious woman, who has strong convictions and knows perfectly European issues. It was therefore a potential danger for Marine Le Pen.

Well no. At the end of a mediocre debate, Nathalie Loiseau literally exploded in flight announcing that she had changed her mind, that she was going to be a candidate for the European women because of the behavior of Marine Le Pen during the show. An announcement drowned in the laughter of the President of the National Gathering. With his statement that seemed as spontaneous as the roar of a 2CV that is started crank, Nathalie Loiseau provoked the sarcasm of his opponent.

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