National 3: a victory at Lyon-Duchère (B) and it will feel good to maintain Montluçon Foot (Allier)

Lyon, wounded beast to be slaughtered?? This is the objective of the safari in which Montluçon Foot (Allier) will indulge this Saturday, May 21 in the Rhône (6 p.m.). Indeed, both fighting to stay in National 3, the MF (8th with 27 pts) and the Lyon-La Duchère reserve team (11th out of 14 with 23 pts) meet as part of the 23rd and penultimate day of the season.

The context

“This weekend there are several direct confrontations at the bottom of the table”, notes Bourbonnais coach Fabien Croze, who announced this week his departure from the club at the end of the exercise. And he was right. Indeed, in addition to this Montluçon-Lyon, Clermont B (9th) receives Limonest Saint-Didier (10th) and Aurillac (13th) welcomes Vaulx-en-Velin (7th).

“We are in the right direction but our maintenance is not yet certified”, continues the coach, in reference to the results of the clubs of the region in N2 which could influence the descents of N3 in the hen of the MF. Therefore :

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“To be calm, we need another victory and if possible this Saturday to avoid putting pressure on ourselves in the last two games. »

Fabien Croze (Coach of Montluçon Foot)

The situation at Montluçon Foot

Remember that the Montluçonnais remain on a large victory (5-0) against Aurillac, who had ended their series of nine games without success. And that in the first leg they had beaten La Duchère at Dunlop (3-1). Only problems, the absences of Lallemand (thigh), Husson (suspended) and Pérot.

Montluçon Foot (Allier) coach Fabien Croze will leave the club at the end of the season [19/05/2022]

Text: Luc Barre
Photos: Cécile Champagnat archives