National 3: Montluçon Foot wins a big and necessary victory against Aurillac FC (5-0)

In the cleaver match of the 23rd day of National 3, it was Montluçon Foot who made the good deal against Aurillac Football Club, winning largely 5 to 0 on their lawn at the Dunlop stadium, Saturday May 7.

Aurillac starts the game well

The Cantaliens start the meeting well. They are offensive during the first minutes and have control of the ball. The Montluçonnais seem to confirm this impression by not concretizing their opportunities, as when Gaël Bonno hits the crossbar in the 10th. Followed by two other attempts stopped in quick succession by Benjamin Ligali, the Aurillac goalkeeper.

Montluçon solid in defense and offensive

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But Fabien Croze’s men remain solid defensively and Zacharie Boudersa is never really worried during the match.

United, the Montluçonnais showed realism and opened the scoring thanks to Quentin Lallemand (17th). Arthur Mai scores in turn in the 33rd. Montluçon Foot ends the first half with a score of 2 to 0.

Three more goals in the second half

Released, Montluçon did not let go in the second half. Gaël Bonno, in the 57th and Tom Husson, in the 69th, worsen the mark. Arthur Mai seals the fate of the game by converting a penalty, the fifth and last goal, in the 79th.

Fabien Croze reassured, Freddy Morel very worried

Relieved, Fabien Croze, the coach of Montluçon, recalls that “this victory was compulsory at home in front of a direct competitor. »

We had a serious game, with defensive solidity and some chances.

The regrets are however on the side of Freddy Morel, the coach of Aurillac.

We have the first quarter of an hour to ourselves. If we had scored, they would have experienced what we experienced. We show all our limits. We are in the place where we should be because we are feverish and suddenly we fish in efficiency. If we score, we reverse the trend.

For its next match, Montluçon Foot will travel to Lyon-La Duchère (B), Saturday, May 21.

Clermont Foot: three games to save themselves in Ligue 1

Montlucon (Dunlop Stadium). Montluçon Foot beat Aurillac Football Club 5 to 0 (half-time: 2-0).
Buts.Montluçon: Lallemand (18th), Mai (33rd, 79th from the penalty spot), G. Bonno (57th), Husson (69th).
Montlucon. Bourdesa (cap.) – Passy, ​​Barret, Traoré, Bokhari – Husson (then De Sousa, 71st), Mai, Boron – Bonno (then Ankoué, 66th), Hari, Lallemand (then Hamoudi, 77th). Coach: Fabien Croze.
Aurillac. Ligali – Leoty (then Sele, 56th), Chenine, Lourdin, Leybros – Isserte (then Dagnet, 75th), Meynel (then Lennon, 67th) (cap.), Barut – Tridon, Mazars, Zekovic. Coach: Freddy Morel.

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