National 3: top-of-the-table shock this Saturday for Montluçon (1st) at Thonon Évian (2nd)

Trip in troubled waters in Évian this Saturday, September 25 (7 p.m.) for the Montluçon Football (Allier). Surprised but solid leader of Pool M in National 3, with three victories in three days, the MF (1st, 9 pts) moves to his runner-up, Thonon Évian Grand Genève FC (2nd, 7 pts).

The opponent: Thonon Évian GG

“He’s the championship favorite”, affirms Bourbonnais coach Fabien Croze about the Haute-Savoie club. “Several of their players are former L2 pros (Thébaux, Louvion, Bourgeois…) and their budget is very important for the N3”. In short, is it lost in advance? “Oh no,” he proclaims.

“We will not have to dawdle but we are going there to make a result, to take points, to remain undefeated and to continue our momentum. They have big individualities… we a big collective! “

Fabien Croze (Coach of Montluçon Football)

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Feedback on Montluçon’s victory against Bourgoin (3-1) on September 11


This is why the coach expects his boys to ” solidarity, solidity and self-sacrifice to succeed in posing problems for Thonon ”. A bit like the reserve of Saint-Étienne had done, managed to catch the Haut-Savoyards (3-3) during the third day. ” We go without pressure, it’s a good game to play ”.

A match to be played without defender Zampé Traore, nor the attacker Florian Ankoué, both injured in a knee. But with the side Laïd Bokhari which is making a comeback. A return to the deep end, therefore, in Évian.

Montluçon Foot is also qualified for the 4th round of the Coupe de France

Text: Luc Barre
Photos: Florian Salesse archives