He had almost stopped believing it. On August 30, as an aside in his office at the Palais-Bourbon, Richard Ferrand once again caresses his desire for a return to the roots far from the Parisian tumult. After fifteen trying months at the head of the bloated and disparate group of The Republic on the march in the National Assembly, the faithful of the President made one last time mine aspire to “become a member of the sixth constituency of Finistère”. He already has the intuition: two days earlier, the resignation of the Minister of Ecology, Nicolas Hulot, could mean the return of his luck. Behind the scenes, the leader of the LREM deputies began to advance his cards. With the entourage of the President, he defends the idea of ​​a reshuffle at least , post for position. For want of having on hand a profile as popular as the former animator of Ushuaia, why not seek the services of the only macro-compatible ecologist upgraded in the instances of the Republic, François de Rugy? This scenario, acceptable to the executive, would have the immense merit of opening the doors of the Lassay Hotel. Good calculation. Perch, Ferrand has been thinking about it for months. Elected member of Finistère in 2012, he took a liking to the parliamentary work and behind the scenes of the Palais-Bourbon. To the point of being part, under the previous five years, the small circle of deputies that meets weekly Socialist President of the Assembly at the time, Claude Bartolone, to take the pulse of the majority. Appointed rapporteur of the special commission on the bill Macron in 2015, he orchestrates the debates with as much seriousness as roundness, before falling under the spell of the Minister of the Economy of the time, he then rub shoulders day and night. The two men will not leave each other. When Macron decides to try the adventure On the move, Ferrand takes his wheel without hesitation. Marabouté at the end of 2016 cut the moorings with a socialist party he has not stopped serving since his early youth … The Mutuelles de Bretagne case This risk taking then almost insane, the head of state will not forget. When in the inter-two-rounds of the presidential election, each member of Macron’s inner circle begins to make his wishes for landing, Ferrand does not hesitate: for him, nothing beats the presidency of the National Assembly. Las! Installed at the Elysee Palace, the President of the Republic decides otherwise. To balance the first Philippe government, it must rely on its political relays: Ferrand returns the Ministry of Cohesion of the territories. The team must run at least until the legislative elections. He is holding a week: the Mutuelles de Bretagne affair is breaking out ; the fabulous destiny of Ferrand runs short. Worried that his desire to “moralize political life” was blurred, Macron exfiltrated him without waiting for his possible indictment. But insists that the sacrificial is an honorable and strategic point of fall: steering the majority group in the Assembly. “That’s it, or disappear radars,” says Ferrand, little excited by the mission. It is in the front row at the investiture of Macronist candidates in the legislative, the former secretary general of the movement knows what awaits: a large group, no ideological column structured, 90% of whom are novices. Already overwhelmed by the repercussions of his affair, Ferrand fears the magnitude of the task. “He was hunted down and preoccupied ,” recalls a group executive in the National Assembly. At the same time, he needed to get to know more than 300 near-strangers, overcome his trauma and manage his extraordinary frustration at having to give up his position as minister. “The jolly old socialist, popular for its humorous features hardened. “Punishment” The beginnings are chaotic and the neo-deputies blame him for it. “Richard lives as a punishment to be there, he rebuffs those who speak in a group meeting,” said a LREM MP. Some find it “distant, brittle”, absent when the opposition shakes the bizuts in the hemicycle. Others also recognize the unpleasant aspect of the job: “This is an extremely prestigious job but also the most ungrateful and boring of the Republic. We must constantly hug therapy, receive the deputies from the hungry deputies, and distribute the posts. At every appointment for a report, a responsibility, Ferrand is fatally ungrateful and nine frustrated, ” acknowledged a pillar of the group. The dismissal of his judicial file in October is a relief for him, as much as a beginning of political rehabilitation. Although he has a tooth against the media and a chronic impatience with his troops, the boss of the LREM group is back on the run. And begins to recall the promise made by all LREM leaders of the Assembly in June: put their job in play mid-term. Targeted first: the perch holder, François de Rugy, who, forgetting his initial commitment, replies that his lease in Lassay runs until 2022 … The second complaint filed in the spring by Anticor on the matter of mutuals puts the dispute in mute. His political future again suspended the possibility of an indictment (1), Ferrand seems to resign. Supported by Macron Yet, the link does not stretch with the executive. His office in the Assembly is a favorite stop for ministers when reviewing their text, or after weekly questions to the government. Above all, Macron keeps his friendship. The two men exchange SMS and see each other at regular intervals in the political brainstorming organized at the Elysee. The Head of State, who appreciates his outspokenness, is attentive to his ” field feedback ” . On several occasions, the deputy from Finistère warns him of measures not well lived – such as the 80 km / h – deemed unjust by pensioners – the CSG and the de-indexation of pensions – or misunderstood – like the future withholding tax. . In testimony of his confidence, the Elysée supports his appointment as general rapporteur of the constitutional revision, emblematic reform of the quinquennium. Ferrand gains in stature, which rebalances his position vis-à-vis his rival perch. The square vacated by Rugy, Macron hears that she returns to her historic lieutenant. Like a fair return of things. Leave presidential obliges, LREM deputies have this Monday invested Ferrand during their parliamentary days in Tours, from the first round, with. Without dwelling too much on the two weaknesses of his candidacy. An indictment – always possible – in the Mutuelles de Bretagne case, the second complaint still to be heard in Lille. And the renunciation of what would have been a beautiful symbol: endow the Assembly Fifth Republic . This primary won in the majority group, the election of Ferrand, Wednesday afternoon when the resumption of work in the hemicycle, is more than a formality. After fifteen months of trouble, his dream is at hand. (1) The National Financial Procuratorate (PNF) opened a criminal investigation on January 12, 2018 for “illegal taking of interests” , concealment and complicity of this offense after the complaint filed by the association Anticor against the former minister. , ,


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