National Civil Service Candidates 2023 Coming Soon, Make Sure You Have These Documents to Register, KTP Is Not Enough! – For those who want to register for CPNS 2023, don’t underestimate the administrative selection process.

Through administrative selection, the committee will choose which participants are truly suitable and in accordance with the qualifications required by agencies in the 2023 CPNS.

For participants who pass the 2023 CPNS administration selection, they have the right to proceed to the Basic Competency Selection or SKD stage.

Even though the CPNS 2023 implementation date has not been officially announced, it’s a good idea to prepare registration files from now on.

Preparing the CPNS 2023 documents in advance can make the registration process calmer and less panicky.

Some time ago, information circulated that the 2023 National Civil Service Candidates would be held in June.