“National coach returns with some homework after Norwegian tap for Red Flames” | Red Flames

Group F in this World Cup qualifying campaign is a rollercoaster – and that applies to more groups in Europe. You win your previous two matches with 7-0, the next you lose with 4-0.

Without detracting from the big wins against Albania and Kosovo – that was the assignment, it was carried out perfectly – but the Red Flames can of course learn more from the defeat in Norway.

For example, that they cannot yet set their foot next to a top country. How come? Of course there is the experience and status with the opponent. Norway started with 4 players from the English highest class, was able to add a Barça duo to this and founded it with a trio that plays together at the Norwegian team Sandviken.

Special mention to Caroline Graham Hansen, for excellent match from CGH. Tessa Wullaert’s ex-team mate at Wolfsburg and plagued by injuries in the past, but has grown to the top of her ability at Barcelona. It is striking that the 26-year-old striker is not among the 20 nominees for the Ballon d’Or.

That individual class certainly made a difference, but positionally things didn’t always sit well with the Flames. At the 1-0, Bergsvand was allowed to head too easily – Vangheluwe was just not close enough, but there was also too much space at the first post. And with the loss of the ball that initiated the 2-0, the midfield was too aligned.

National coach Ives Serneels returns with some homework. Especially when the ball is lost, chaos creeps into the team too easily, a problem that continues to drag on.

“We have to learn from this and grow as a team”, you heard in the reactions after the match. It’s a cliché, but one that the Flames can use. For basic players Tysiak, Vangheluwe and Teulings, this was their first match against a country of this level.

The Flames showed some nice things in possession. The first fifteen minutes after the break was good and should have been crowned with the 2-1 of De Caigny, but that header stranded on the post.

If Belgium can maintain that level for an entire match and eliminate the positional mistakes, it will be fine against Poland (without Ewa Pajor) in Leuven next month. Armenia will follow first: again 7-0 could be possible, but is worthless if Poland does not win after that. Because Poland now faces the Flames. And only the second one gets a play-off ticket.