National Day; How to decorate the city of Muscat? Oman invites ideas – design proposals invited for 52nd national day decorations

Oman: Oman is wondering what the decoration of the 52nd National Do event should look like. As part of its preparations, the Secretariat General of National Celebrations Oman has invited design applications for the city decoration. The preparations are being made by the organizing committee.

We have to organize such events every year. Officials said the designer who attended the event would be given a gift. The main decoration will be the Al Alam Palace in Muscat Province – from Sultan Qaboos Street to the Al Baraka Palace in Zeeb District. Preparations are underway to decorate it.

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The trees on Sultan Qaboos Street should be decorated. In addition, lights should be installed on government buildings and roads. The streetlights should be decorated and all this should be included in the design. It also provides detailed information on what to look for when designing designs.

Audi designs should be modeled on trees or musical instruments based on the country’s heritage. Flag colors such as white, red and green should be used in the sedan. The design should be very simple.

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