National Festival of Colombian Music 2023

The representations of Bogotá and Pereira were triumphant in the contests of the National Festival of Colombian Music, in Ibagué.

In the event’s grand finale, held this Saturday night at the Tolima Theater, the qualifying jury announced in its ruling the Duetorres de Bogotá duo as the winner of the Príncipes de la Canción National Duet Contest; while he gave the bambuco “Nuevo amanecer” as winner, by the Pereiran composer Sebastián David Valdivieso Porras, in the Leonor Buenaventura National Composition Contest in Valencia.

Duetorres is made up of Julián Torres, 27, and Iván Torres, 22, on second voice and treble; plus the accompaniment on bass by Alexander Garzón. The members of Duetorres come from the academy as teachers and students, and have participated in carranguera and parrandera music projects.

Meanwhile, Sebastián David Valdivieso is a young composer, author, teacher and producer, with participations and mentions in national and professional competitions with his works, he has been able to represent the traditional Comolomian music at the World Congress of Hispanic Letters held for the Embassy of Colombia. in Indonesia or international collaborations with the Mexican singer Roxhann, and is the composer of the official anthem of the Pereira Bambuquero Student Festival.

Pereiran composer Sebastián David Valdivieso Porras

The following is the list of finalists in both categories:


6th place – Canela Dúo, Neiva

5th place – P’mar, Pereira

4th place – Bosa Duo, Tunja

3rd place – Héctor and Alfredo, San Gil 2nd place – Luar, Ibagué.

1st place, Duetorres, Bogota

unpublished composition

6th – Composer Fernando Salazar Wagner – Leandro Lenis, “Gira la tierra”.

5th – Composer Luis Javier Gómez, “La Cosecha”.

4th – Composer Carlos Alfonso Velásquez, “New Dawn”.

3rd – Luis Enrique Aragón Farkas, “To love life”

2nd – Víctor Hugo Reina, “Let’s sing” together. 1st – Sebastián David Valdivieso, “A new dawn”