National Football Team 2 wins at least 1 to keep the hope Li Tie special praises Alan Luo wealth_Sharjah

Original title: National Football Team 2 wins at least 1 in order to keep the hope Li Tie special praise Alan Luo Guofu

Guangzhou Daily (all-media reporter Zhang Zhe) The National Football Team arrived in Sharjah, UAE at 8:15 local time yesterday. Four days later, the national football team will play against Oman, the fifth opponent of the same group in the top 12 matches.

The National Football Team departed from Shanghai in the early morning of November 7 and arrived safely at the resident hotel in Sharjah, UAE after an 11-hour journey. The National Football Team accepted the nucleic acid test organized by the local epidemic prevention department at the airport. After the test results are announced, the first training class after arriving in Sharjah will be held at 7 pm local time. Wu Lei arrived in Sharjah on the morning of the 8th after finishing the latest round of La Liga.

The national football team won at least 1 win in the next two rounds to keep the hope of third place. The National Football Team had two warm-up matches before the departure, beating the Shenzhen Football Team and the Zhejiang Team respectively. The overall condition was good. Li Tie also specifically mentioned Alan and Luo Guofu. “They have worked very hard in the training time of the past 2 months. , Physical function has been greatly improved in all aspects. No matter which player, as long as he meets the requirements of the game and can help the team, I will not hesitate to send him out.” Li Tie said.Return to Sohu to see more


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