The Republican senator from Arizona and unhappy candidate for the 2008 US presidential election died on Saturday. He was 81 years old.

Impromptu Memorial at Senator John McCain's office on August 26 in Arizona.

A series of tributes will be held in memory of Republican Senator John McCain, who died on Saturday in Arizona of brain cancer, until his burial in a week.

John McCain's coffin will first be presented to the public on Wednesday at the Arizona State Capitol in Phoenix, where he is currently sitting. Then, on Thursday, an office in his memory is to be held at the North Phoenix Baptist Church. He will then be transported to an Arizona National Guard Air Base at Phoenix Airport for transfer to Washington. Friday, the coffin will be placed in the Capitol Rotunda for a ceremony at the end of which the public will be able to come to pay homage to him for six hours.

National Office

Saturday will be the day of the national office in his memory, at the National Cathedral of the US capital, in the presence of his family, friends, colleagues in Congress, as well as US and foreign dignitaries, according to the organizers. The names of the speakers of the eulogies have not yet been communicated.

According to the New York Timesformer presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bush, a Democrat and a Republican, should make funeral eulogies at his request. Several media reported several months ago that the Senator had specifically asked that Donald Trump not participate.

Finally, on Sunday, John McCain will be buried in the Naval Academy Cemetery, in Annapolis, Maryland, in a location adjacent to the grave of his friend Chuck Larson, an admiral with whom he was associated during their training at the Naval Academy. 'military school. This burial will be closed to the public.

A tribute is missing

In Arizona, his adopted state, anonymous Sunday brought flowers to his parliamentary residence in Phoenix, as well as to the funeral home where his remains rest.

"Patriot", "Hero", "Combatant", "Non-conformist" The homage rendered by the whole political class of the country had in common the career of man in the service of the nation. A tribute, however, is missing: that of the current president of the United States.

Donald Trump – John McCain said in 2016 that he would not vote for him, not hiding his contempt for him – tweeted a brief message of condolence, but without mentioning the course of the man. "My condolences and my most sincere respect for Senator John McCain's family. Our hearts and prayers are with you! ", did he write.

His departure temporarily reduces the Republican majority in the Senate to 50 seats against 49 for the Democratic opposition. The governor of Arizona will appoint a successor after the funeral, he said Sunday, pending a ballot in 2020.

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