National Games’ first show “Rock Ballet” decides two gold medals

National Games’ first show “Rock Ballet” decides two gold medals

2021-09-20 21:53:14Source: Xi’an News Network

Xi’an News Network reported that the rock climbing project of the 14th National Games won two gold medals at the rock climbing field of Yanliang Shichuan River Extreme Sports Center on September 20. Luo Zhilu, a 15-year-old player from Xi’an, won the rock climbing women’s all-around championship for Shaanxi. The 14-year-old Yang Lihao from the Shanghai team won the gold medal in the men’s all-around event.

The rock climbing event of the National Games is benchmarked against the rock climbing competition model of the 2024 Paris Olympic Games. On the basis of the men’s and women’s speed race and biathlon, the 16-year-old junior group biathlon was added, focusing on the cultivation of reserve talents.

In the 14th National Games “Rock Ballet” rock climbing competition, 15-year-old talented Luo Zhilu won gold.Photo by Zhai Xiaoxue, an all-media reporter from Xi’an Newspaper

On the afternoon of September 20th, Luo Zhilu, a 15-year-old talented player from our province, won the championship of the women’s all-around rock climbing under 16 years old. The all-round event includes rock climbing and difficulty, and Luo Zhilu leads the way with excellent results. In the rock climbing session, athletes have to challenge 4 different routes. Difficulties on Route 1 were constant, and almost all of the top four teenagers were stuck on the same scoring point. Luo Zhilu came out in 5th place and took the lead to break the deadlock and get the top point. On the subsequent lines 2, 3, and 4, Luo Zhilu won almost in one fell swoop. Whether it was the control of the center of gravity or the retraction of power, he grasped it properly and made his movements clean and tidy.

The 14th National Games “Rock Wall Ballet” rock climbing competition site, players are climbing difficult.Photo by Zhai Xiaoxue, an all-media reporter from Xi’an Newspaper

In the difficult part, when Luo Zhilu was about to go on stage, the weather suddenly became a big thunderstorm, but the little girl gathered her energy and responded calmly. Amidst the cheering and cheering of the audience, she steadily won the final championship.

After the game, Luo Zhilu said in an interview with reporters that after the National Games, he will actively prepare for the Olympics, hoping to “set out” on behalf of the motherland in the Paris Olympics.

Yang Lihao, a 14-year-old player from the Shanghai team, won the men’s all-around championship in the under-16 category. This is also the first gold medal for rock climbing in the National Games arena. (Zhang Duan, an all-media reporter from Xi’an Press)


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