National Guard disperses hundreds of migrants in Chiapas

AP.- Members of the National Guard and from Migration’s national institute (INM) dispersed a group of several hundred migrants, including many children, who left on Saturday Tapachula, Chiapas, almost on the border with Guatemala, hoping to advance towards the USA.

The group, made up of Haitians, cubans and central americans, It was formed at the beginning by about 300 people but they were adding more migrants little by little until adding several hundred.

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His intention was to arrive on Saturday to the town of Huixtla, 40 kilometers north of TapachulaBut in the afternoon, when it started to rain heavily, the security forces began an operation to block their way and disperse them.

Cash of the National Guard with riot gear they made human barriers blocking the road and divided the group. In some cases the migrants managed to push their way through, some were able to dodge them and flee across the country but others were detained.

The recorded images confirmed how a migration agent kicked a migrant who was already immobilized and on the ground.

The INM and the National Guard They did not immediately respond to a request for comment nor have they released public information about what happened.

The flow of migrants from Central America has increased since the beginning of the year and in recent days despair had grown, especially among the Haitian community stranded in Tapachula. This week they began to demonstrate to expedite their immigration procedures and threatened to leave in a caravan on Monday if they were not treated.

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Heyman Vazquez, a priest who works in support of migrants on Huixtla and who attended the meeting of the group, showed his concern for the number of children who were in it.

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The Collective for Monitoring and Documentation of Human rights Southeast – a group of ONG who works with migrants– He pointed out in a message that there were injured people, although he did not specify how many, and that the operation of the security forces continued at nightfall.

The group – which had staff on the ground – stressed that many migrants were asylum seekers “with evidence of Mexican Commission for Refugee Aid“And that they waited for their appointments” for many months in Tapachula”.

The only authorities present, apart from the security forces, were civil protection personnel with an ambulance and members of the National Human Rights Commissionadded the collective.

While some migrants tried to avoid the security forces, the president Andrés Manuel López Obrador it was right in Huixtla, participating in an event in a public hospital in which he made no reference to migration issues.

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The Mexican government has insisted this week that it will continue with its policy of containing migrants. The secretary of defense, Luis Cresencio Sandoval, emphasized on Friday that the “main” objective of the entire deployment of the army, the Marina and the National Guard it is precisely “stopping all migration” and “covering the northern border, the southern border with troops”.