National Guard of Ukraine received the first 500 grenade launchers from the USA


On the arsenal of the Ukrainian National Guard came 500 American grenade launchers RSRL-1, Interior Minister Arsen Avakov said. Earlier, Kiev received from Washington anti-tank missile systems Javelin

Photo: Arsen Avakov’s personal page on Facebook

The United States handed over to the National Guard of Ukraine the first shipment of hand-held anti-tank grenade launchers RSRL-1. About this on your Facebook page told Minister of Internal Affairs Arsen Avakov.

“The 40mm RPG-1 complex was launched by AirTronic in 2016 and is effective for destroying enemy weapons and armored targets. Sighting range 800 m, compatible with all existing RPG shots, the survivability of the barrel of 1000 shots, “- wrote the minister, pointing out that” a new powerful modern weapon stood up for the protection of Ukraine. ” According to Avakov, this was done within the framework of the development strategy of the department.

He also noted that the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine has developed a special program to train the National Guard to use new weapons.

On what conditions Ukraine received complexes, Avakov did not specify.

The fact that the US State Department and the Pentagon agreed on the supply of lethal weapons to Ukraine, it became known in August 2017. The project included anti-tank complexes and other systems designed to “restrain Russian aggression,” but at that time the approval of US President Donald Trump had not yet been received.

The first commercial supply of American lethal weapons was approved in December 2017. The permit was issued to supply Ukraine with self-loading large-caliber sniper rifles M107A1, ammunition, and related accessories and accessories to them for a total of $ 41.5 million.

The Foreign Ministry warned the West of personal responsibility for the supply of weapons to Kiev

In March 2018 The State Department approved sale to Kiev 37 antitank missile systems Javelin and 210 missiles to them for $ 47 million. At the same time, Deputy Minister for Temporary Occupied Territories and internally displaced persons of Ukraine George Tuka also said that according to the agreements with Washington these complexes will not be used on the line of conflict in the Donbass. Javelin ATGM arrived in Ukraine in the end of April.

In early May, the profile committee of the House of Representatives of the US Congress presented the draft law on the budget for national defense needs for 2019, according to which Kiev is planned to allocate $ 250 million for security purposes. This, the embassy of Ukraine noted on its Facebook page, is $ 100 million more than this year. At the same time, $ 50 million of them invited to send “Exclusively to provide [Ukraine] lethal weapons of a defensive nature.”


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