National health system: to rebuild it, it is necessary to start from local medicine

The health disorganization it can no longer afford to confront citizens with health emergencies like the ones we have had in these two years of pandemic. There are too many bare wires to replace, because by now covering them as has been done several times would not lead to an improvement in assistance. First you have to leave the university again e from specialty schools. They must be freed, at least until the medical shortage needs are covered. I would do territorial studies to be changed periodically for assigned access numbers: if there are no pediatricians in the south we will open more pediatric places. A system similar to notaries with obviously larger numbers.

Basically, in my opinion, to rebuild a National Health System that has been considered among the best in the world, it is starting from local medicine. Limited hours, telephone answering machines and secretaries that no longer make sense in the emergency of the first access. Continuity houses as useless intermediate centers between the local doctor’s office and hospitals. Expensive structures that become duplicates without rhyme or reason.

Let’s start with the timetables. They vary a lot between maximalists and those who are “satisfied” not to be: it is no longer possible. They must be at least as available as the hospitals.

General practitioners they have to go back to being doctorsas I have been saying for years, they must be state employees, no longer affiliated freelancers. They must “aggregate” like specialist doctors in hospital wards of the first filter. Nothing to do with the continuity houses that do not have and cannot have all the equipment and all the fellow specialists for a complete diagnosis just in case. We don’t waste as much money as we did in Milan with resuscitation in the fair pavilions, even if with donated money. Continuity houses are the same thing. Cathedrals in the desert.

Are we so sure to use 235 million, which sooner or later we will have to give back, to build “houses” such as resuscitation in the pavilions of the Milan fair, detached from any logic of immediate diagnosis for the good of the citizen? How much instead would local medicine help if it were structured in hospitals where emergency medicine is in severe shortage throughout Italy? 4,200 missing doctors could be replaced by round-the-clock shifts of local doctors, as every specialist doctor is used to doing. If they believe they can then have their mutual study for the remaining hours or paid overtime.

This redistribution of local medicine is very important in hospitals and not in continuity homes, useless above all due to the fact that access to emergency rooms increased by 20%, which combined with the lack of emergency doctors have caused the system to go haywire. I repeat, we organize local medicine that is a state employee in hospital spaces in contact with specialists to support them and to make that first indispensable filter also to free up space for real emergencies to be allocated as soon as possible to specialist care. Emergency rooms will work better and be available faster. All without thinking that more lies reduce the risk of errorwhich is one of the causes of doctors’ departure from the emergency due to the risk of reporting.

On September 25th we have the hope (with a lowercase s) that it can finally be there a new health minister who is willing to listen and do more for the public part of our system than for the private accredited. A minister you think to the next generations and not in the next elections. A minister who is honest among the honest so that the word “I was wrong” does not fall into disuse. He will have to be an honest doctor that he takes the helm in order to get us out of the stormy ocean and land in safe havens.