National Holidays 2020: how many people can I meet?

The National Holidays, a celebration highly anticipated by the Chilean population and that, this time, will be a little different, due to all the restrictions imposed amid the Coronavirus pandemic. For this reason, there will be no inns or mass shows, so it appears as a great opportunity to spend time with family and friends.

However, the Minsal had a measure that prevents many people from meeting in closed or open spaces, in order to protect the safety and health of citizens and, thus, prevent infections from spreading on these holidays.

How many people can I meet with?

First of all, you should know that if you live in a commune that is still in phase one of the Step by Step Plan, that is, in quarantine, you will not be entitled to any permission to visit your family, so the only possible option will be to be at home.

Those who are in communes in stage 2 of Transition(that is, they have quarantine only on the weekend) and want to move to a commune that is also in Transition, or communes in stages of Preparation (3), Initial Opening (4) or Advanced (5) -all of them without confinement from Monday to Sunday-, they must request permission.

Finally, You can only accept five additional people in your home, not counting those who live at home. And the permit will last for six hours, so once the schedule has expired, you should have returned to your residence.

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