National Police arrest man for fraud through social networks

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The National Police, through its Department of Investigation of Crimes and High Technology Crimes (DICAT) arrested in the municipality of San Miguel, La Vega, a man who was the beneficiary of two bank deposits for a total of 50,500 pesos, product of a scam against a citizen through social networks.

This is Pedro Alexis Reynoso Jiménez, who was arrested by means of arrest warrant No.973-2022-EMES-03013.

According to the preliminary report, the complainant, whose identity is withheld, said that the identity of a friend of hers was usurped to ask her for money in connection with the shipment of four boxes and two tanks from abroad.

She adds that she was contacted by both Facebook Messenger and the WhatsApp instant messaging application, through which she was asked to make two deposits, one of 28,900 pesos, and another of 21,600 pesos, for a total sum of 50,500 pesos, resulting in all this part of the methodology of deception to defraud citizens.

The arrest was achieved by means of an arrest warrant thanks to the arduous intelligence work carried out by the DICAT agents, for which the detainee has been made available to the Public Ministry, for the corresponding purposes.

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