National Police Chief: Trapped Police Must Be Sentenced to Death

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JAKARRTA, AYOBANDUNG.COM – National Police Chief Police General Idham Azis has sentenced heavy police officers involved in drug cases. According to him, Polri members who were entangled in drug cases deserved the death penalty.

This was conveyed by Idham during a speech at the eradication of narcotics evidence at the Jakarta Metropolitan Police, Jakarta, Thursday (07/02/2020).

“If the police themselves get the punishment, they must actually be sentenced to death, because he already knows the law, he knows the law, like that,” Idham said.

“We have to be good, how can we eradicate drugs if we ourselves are part of it,” he added.

Idham explained that his statement was not without reason. Because, he said, the dangers of drugs can arise from outside and inside the police itself.

Furthermore, Idham also claimed to always be fussy alias fussy towards the Directorate of Drugs. Idham revealed that he always cautioned his men to guard and immediately destroy evidence of drugs.

“The dangers of drugs can come from two sides, from outside can be outsiders, from the inside can be the police themselves. If not quickly destroyed, faith is faltering, holding a handful can maintain,” said Idham.

“I say that many do not like this, because I am too forthright. But as soon as the President (Joko Widodo) has ordered, we have to reform completely. So I must convey it to all,” he added.

To note, the Metro Jaya Police destroyed drug evidence in the form of 1.2 tons of methamphetamine, 35 thousand ecstasy pills, and 410 kilograms of marijuana. The destruction of the drug evidence was led directly by the National Police Chief Police General Idham Aziz.

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