National water shortage is over


NOS Newsyesterday, 02:07

The nationwide water shortage is over. There is still a shortage here and there, but nationally the demand is no longer greater than the supply of fresh water, reports the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management. This is due to the rain of the past few weeks.

There is still an “imminent water shortage”, says the ministry, but the KNMI expects extra rain in the coming weeks.

Now that the drought is receding, shipping can make more use of locks, for example, and extra pumping installations are no longer needed everywhere. The Water Shortage Management Team (MTW) ​​also no longer meets.


In, for example, the Maas in the south of the country or at the IJmuiden locks, the drought is still such that there are so-called ‘locking restrictions’. This means that not all ships can use the locks. Agriculture is also still experiencing nuisance in some areas, for example due to regional spraying bans in the south and east.

The ministry does point out, however, that a longer period of precipitation is needed to restore nature. The groundwater is still low and it takes a long time before it is replenished, especially in the higher parts of the Netherlands.

The prevention of salinization (the increase in the salinity in the soil and water) also remains a point of attention for the ministry, especially in the North Sea Canal, the IJsselmeer and in the Westland.