Nationale 1: Montluçon sinks Toulon B (35-19) and offers a third victory in a row

Blanzat-Montluçon (Allier) ran on super this Saturday evening, October 30 against the reserve of Toulon / Saint-Cyr (Var)… Enough to backfire and afford convincing success at home (35-19) on National 1, facing the red lantern of the hen, more than ever out of fuel at the end of this seventh day of the championship.

First half

The least we can say is that the Bourbonnaises will not have stalled at the start. Aggressive in defense and tonic in attack, they immediately put their heads under the water to a team from the Var, made up mostly of very young players. And therefore sorely lacking in solidity and experience.

The first twenty minutes one-way, carried out at full speed by the Auvergne residents testify to this: 5-1 in the 7th minute; 11-2 at the 15th; 15-3 at the 20th. With the keys to the truck given to winger Jennifer Issifou (top scorer of the match, 7 goals). And those of the bus in front of the cage to the Hungarian guardian Dorina Horvat (13 stops). At the break, it is therefore well more than half of the road which had already been covered by the Montluçonnaises. (18-5, 30e).

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Second half-time

The machine seized up a bit during the restart and until the middle of the second period (28-15, 44e). But the Toulon delay in ignition was far too substantial to be made up. The game however became more balanced. The local offensive quartet made up of Okabandé, Ékobo, Vargas and Ngavouka (5 goals each) responding to the visiting back Abiven (5 goals too), well helped by her Servant door (10 saves).

The two formations responded to each other. Montluçon will have counted up to seventeen lengths ahead (32-15, 50th) and kept sixteen at the finish (35-19, 60th). In the ranking, the BSM prances (5th tied, third win in a row), while TSCV remains at a standstill (14th out of 14, zero wins).

The sheet

– The game : Blanzat-Montluçon beats Toulon (B) 35-19 (half-time, 18-5) at the Halle des sports. Arbitrators: MM. Evangelista and Haddari. Spectators: around 400.

– Blanzat-Montluçon : Horvat (13 stops), Hardouin (2 stops); Ngavouka (5 goals, cap.), Ékobo (5), Issifou (7), Okabandé (5), Tomic (1), Vargas (5), Ngoulou (2), Fiafialoto (3), Enjalbert (2).
– Toulon / Saint-Cyr (B):Servant (10 stops), Aka (2 stops); Abiven (5 goals), Calone (1), Charlet (3), Fabre (2), Gallardo (1), Giacalone (2), Rivière (3), Lelievre (2, cap.).

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Text: Luc Barre
Photos: Florian Salesse