Nationale 3. Clément Romero (Thionville Moselle Handball): “See above”

Thionville is officially promoted to National 2. What is the prevailing feeling today?

” I am satisfied ! Satisfied to have reached the end, to have fulfilled the objective that we had all set at the start of the season. We do it one day from the end, it will allow us to be released on Saturday at home. We are undefeated at home and we want to stay that way. So we will first play the match and then we will celebrate. »

With a collective that was built for the climb, you managed a season almost without a hitch (1 loss, 2 draws, 18 wins)…

“We had a lot of recruits. The championship didn’t last long last year but the team was already ready. It has gone from strength to strength this season. We needed a little time to find our…

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