Nationale 3: First victory of the season for Montluçon Foot

September 07, 2020 at 9:09 am

A start to the sasion that started well for Montluçon football in Nationale 3.

The MF beat the Clermont Foot reserve 2-0 on Saturday night at Dunlop.

With a victory and a draw, the Montluçonnais find themselves tied for the group.

Coach Mickaël Bessaque was satisfied yesterday, live, in the Sports Café.

It was the 1is round of the Coupe de France yesterday, with to note the qualifications of the Montluçon football club, Désertines, Lignerolles-Lavault, Quinssaines, Bézenet-Doyet (pronounced Douayé) de Vallon, medieval Montluçon, Cosne d’Allier and by Marcillat-Pionsat.

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