In the event of war with Russia, the European countries participating in NATO will face problems in transporting military equipment. This was stated by the head of the International Military Staff of the Alliance, Lieutenant-General Ian Brooks, writes Defense News.

According to Brooks, during the transfer of soldiers and equipment to a potential Eastern front, NATO members were faced with insufficient military mobility. Representatives of the alliance believe that there is still a lot of work to be done in this direction.

We are talking about issues of logistics – to find roads that can withstand the weight of military equipment, increase the carrying capacity of ports, repair old railways. NATO countries also need to obtain permission from the Allies to cross their borders and airspace.

Earlier in February, it was reported that servicemen from the UK practiced the actions of tank formations on the territory of Estonia, in case of war between Russia and NATO. According to the officers, tank armor will be one of the most effective against the “Russian aggression”. At the same time, the military admit that Russia today possesses great defense power and modern weapons.

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