NATO chief urges permanent deployment of large-scale troops to Eastern Europe bordering Russia

Photo courtesy of Yonhap News

The British Telegraph reported on the 9th local time that the North Atlantic Treaty Organization is pushing for a plan to strengthen and permanently station troops in eastern member states that border Russia in preparation for a future invasion of Russia.

NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg told The Telegraph: “NATO is in the midst of a very fundamental change.

“This change must reflect the long-term consequences of President Vladimir Putin’s actions,” he said.

“What we are seeing now is a new reality, a new normal for European security, a new standard,” he said. I did.

As part of a major resettlement, he said, the small force currently stationed in eastern NATO will be replaced with a force sufficient to defeat Russia’s attempts to invade countries such as Estonia and Latvia, he said.

Prior to the Ukraine War, NATO’s eastern garrison was minimal, but as the security landscape in Eastern Europe became unstable due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the need to strengthen NATO’s front lines against Russia emerged.

Last month, the heads of NATO’s 30 member countries agreed to strengthen NATO’s long-term deterrence and defense, along with defenses in Eastern Europe, in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

In this regard, Stoltenberg said that there are already 40,000 troops under direct NATO command on the Eastern European border with Russia, which is ten times more than it was several months before the Russian invasion of Ukraine.