Nato growled when Russia refused to inspect its nuclear weapons by the US

NATO is furious after Russia refused to allow the United States to inspect Moscow’s nuclear arsenal under the New START Treaty. Photo/REUTERS

BRUSSELS – NATO growled when Russia does not allow United States of America (USA) inspect nuclear weapons Moscow on its military sites according to the New START Treaty. Moscow did this because Washington supports Ukraine.

NATO on Friday asked Russia to respect the New START Treaty [Perjanjian START Baru]the only nuclear agreement it has with the United States that aims to limit the expansion of nuclear weapons.

The New START treaty was signed by Moscow and Washington in 2010. This pact limits the number of long-range nuclear warheads they can deploy and limits the use of missiles that can carry atomic weapons.

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The pact also mandates brief inspections of each other’s nuclear bases and support facilities.

“We note with concern that Russia has failed to comply with legally binding obligations under the New START Treaty,” the NATO ambassadors said in a statement. APSunday (5/2/2023).

The 30-member US-led military alliance supports the accord and believes it helps limit the expansion of nuclear forces.

“Russia’s refusal to hold consultations or to allow US inspections since last August prevented the United States from exercising important rights under the Treaty, and undermined the United States’ ability to adequately verify Russia’s compliance with the Treaty’s central boundaries,” the NATO ambassadors continued. .

“We call on Russia to fulfill its obligations under the New START Treaty by facilitating inspections on Russian territory, and by returning to participate in the Treaty implementing bodies, forums where both sides can consult,” the NATO diplomats added.