NATO is constantly creating conflicts and turning Europe upside down, says China

China has accused the North Atlantic Alliance of constantly creating confrontations and problems. This is according to the latest statements of the spokesman of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs Wang Wenpin.

It is a response to Wednesday’s remarks by Liz Truss, the head of Britain’s diplomacy, who told Beijing “to play by the rules” and criticized him for refusing to condemn the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The Guardian and the British news agency Sky News reported about it.

Wang accused the North Atlantic Alliance of requiring other countries to abide by the ground rules, while “ruthlessly waging wars and dropping bombs on sovereign states, killing and expelling innocent civilians.” According to Wang, the countries should follow the UN Charter, not their “certain key” rules.

“NATO claims to be a defense organization, but in reality it is constantly creating confrontations and problems. In recent years, he has come to the Asia-Pacific region to stir up conflicts. It has turned Europe upside down. Are they trying to do the same now in the Asia-Pacific region or even in the world? “ the Chinese spokesman asked.

He bequeathed the alliance to adapt to the post-Cold War situation. “NATO has long adhered to the old security concept, engaging in a bloc confrontation and becoming a country tool in pursuit of hegemony.” carried on. Beijing has repeatedly refused to condemn Russia’s military invasion of Ukraine, although it has called for an end to the fighting.