Natti Natasha shows off with a photo of her face without makeup

The quarantine It has meant a lot of changes in people’s routine. Nothing is like before and months after the state of pandemic was declared, new habits begin to establish themselves in the daily life of society, worldwide.

Adaptation has not been easy and one of the industries that has had to reinvent itself is music, art and entertainment.

Its exponents from home have had to release new singles and video clips, basically everything has had to happen within four walls, the concerts too.

And who has spent months showing how life has changed with confinement is Natti Natasha, who far from looking like before, all produced for his musical engagements, has had to opt for comfortable clothes and skin without his beloved ornate makeup, one of his hallmarks.

Some days ago Natti Natasha She wore her face naturally, without a drop of cosmetics, just with her eyelash lift very well done and maintained.

Her photo received a lot of positive comments from her fans, who thank the singer for showing herself in such a natural facet.

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