Nature and nature | The Middle East

A few weeks ago, the Suez Canal Authority announced that the canal had achieved the highest annual income in its history. I read the details in horror, wondering how terrorism would respond to the event. Weeks went by without a response. Then the authority returned and announced two weeks ago that it had achieved the highest monthly income in its history. The response was not delayed for a moment: a terrorist attack in eastern Sinai hit a water station, and 11 soldiers were killed.

Glory be to Allah. print, nature. Terror can’t stand hearing good news. Itchy skin. It ignites the desire to kill and the happiness of death. And he goes to show their art: What are you hitting in Sinai? water? Who are you killing in Sinai? Army. What is the second global event that day? Comrade Kim Jong-un, laughing and happily, announces the launch of a nuclear missile into the sea. Occasion? Announcing the 15 most beautiful sites in South Korea and reaching the tenth place in the strongest economies of nations. How does a man from heaven named North Korea hang? He throws a rocket out of joy and mirth.

As for the reasons for the constant joy since the days of grandfather Kim Il Sung, some of these are: the growth rate is negative 4.50, the 179th in the world in terms of the size of the economy, and the percentage of those below the poverty line is 60 percent. In this terrible state of misery, what do you do? It goes from the normal rocket stage to the nuclear one. laughing. Humiliation for America.

Comrade Maduro in Venezuela appears happier among the group of states of reluctance. It sits on the highest oil reserves in the world: 300 billion barrels. But inflation is under 1,000 percent, and the site on the World Economic Index is 174, and the country’s first friend, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

For many years, Venezuela was the most important economy in Latin America, and one of the most important in the world. Now its condition is called “one of the humanitarian crises in the world”, and the poor fill the streets: 6 million citizens have been displaced from their homes to neighboring countries. However, President Maduro is optimistic and highly appreciates President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s friendship, and the coverage provided by some Arab channels to the international struggle for the sake of the peoples’ dignity, who are fugitives and refugees who have no food, no roof, or land.

Listen dear. The issue here is not right and left, communism and capitalism. print. Successful builds, unsuccessful shoots. on its types. rifles. rallies. missiles. catapult. Terror cannot stand life or success; Therefore, his only project is to kill, die and destroy every symbol of success. Give us the name of one bakery that was built by terror. Anwar Sadat allied himself with the Brotherhood, and they killed him. Tehran celebrated by putting the name of the killer on one of its main streets: sectarian enmity, ideological enmity, unity in conduct, and the goal: to kill joy and happiness and ridicule success. Terror wants to restore Sinai to its barrenness, after it has become a model for irrigation, vitality, and future incomes. Note the size of Kim Jong-un’s smile after each missile launch symbolizes every success in the universe. South Korea’s rank 10 – north of 174. Kim Jong-un celebrates throwing missiles into the air, standing between his wife and sister clapping.