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Nature – Hanover:Dogs running free disturb the rearing of young animals

A sign with a dog on a leash indicates the leash requirement. Photo: Nicolas Armer/dpa/archive image (Photo: dpa)

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Hanover (dpa / lni) – According to the state hunters’ association of Lower Saxony, the leash requirement for dogs during the breeding and settling season is not consistently followed. Unfortunately, it can be observed again and again that dogs ran around in the forest and in the open countryside without a leash during the special time for wild animals from April to mid-July, said the spokesman for the state hunting association Florian Rölfing. “It’s not uncommon for this to happen out of ignorance or carelessness.” According to him, it is important to explain to dog owners why the leash requirement is necessary. “Many wild animals have their offspring and therefore need as much protection and rest as possible during this time,” said the spokesman. “Staying on the designated paths and always keeping the dog on a leash are therefore currently the most important rules of conduct for walks in the great outdoors.”

Dogs running free can have fatal consequences for the rearing of young animals. “This ranges from the giving up of the breeding business or the abandonment of the young by the parents to the injuring or fatal tearing of the wild animals.” If hunters see poaching dogs, they are allowed to kill them according to Lower Saxony’s hunting law. “In practice, to our knowledge, this regulation is only used in a few exceptional cases,” said the spokesman. He pointed out that cities, municipalities and municipalities are increasingly designating exercise areas for dogs where the four-legged friends can run around without a leash.

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