NaturéO employees gathered in front of the sign in Chartres to denounce working conditions

It is through a flyer from the CGT explaining the content of relations between employees and management, that the customers of the NaturéO store, specializing in the sale of organic products, in Chartres, were welcomed this Friday, June 25.

Three employees of the Chartres sign, two according to management, joined by colleagues from Île-de-France, are therefore on strike this Friday, with the support of the CGT departmental union of Eure-et-Loir and the group’s union representative, Clément-Mohamed Touati, secretary of the CSE.

About fifty civil servants gathered in Chartres

The organization

These staff say they suffer from the organization of work which has repercussions on the private level.

“Their schedules are moving all the time. Compared to their family life, it is difficult to manage. “

Chantal Lefèvre (General Secretary of the Departmental Union of the CGT Eure-et-Loir)

“We don’t always have the right information at the right time or we receive it at the last minute. It puts pressure. And that puts a blow to morale, “adds an employee of the Chartres store, who denounces the lack of training and recognition of seniority.

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Wages at half mast

The protesters also had grievances over salaries and meal vouchers. “At each annual negotiation, it’s always niet! But the management does not make any counter-proposal. For a company that claims to be ethical, this is not really a way of treating staff, ”laments an employee of a store in the Paris region.

For Clément-Mohamed Touati, the few employees on strike in Chartres can be explained by the fear of management. “It’s fear that holds them back!” “, Supports the union representative, who evokes pressure from the hierarchy.

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On the management side:
“Our employees have always been at the heart of our concerns,” assures the management, which received a delegation from the CGT in the morning. She specifies in a press release: “We have taken into account the requests, have been able to respond directly to some, and will return to others at a later date.”
In addition, the brand recalls the payment of a bonus of up to € 1,000 depending on eligibility, to employees present during the health crisis and mentions a profit-sharing bonus for 2020. It also cites different actions implemented for the well-being of its staff (training program, internal development, creation of an internal communication tool, etc.).



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