Nausea: Transgender scandal film won in Cannes

The LGBTQ has infiltrated our everyday lives indescribably.

In all areas of life, be it marriage, having children, sports, culture, politics, they want to occupy a prominent place. With recognition, they don’t even reach out, they want to lead, they want to rule over everything and everyone.

You give your little finger, but they need your whole arm!

Transgender women can also compete in the Olympics, and it has now become ‘mandatory’ to show at least one positive LGBTQ character, in addition to dark-skinned actors.

Not surprisingly, LGBTQ also conquered Cannes. THE Titan psychological thriller Julia Ducournau directed this year, he won the Golden Palm Award for Best Film.

Ducournau’s name may be familiar to many of us, as he directed the 2016 a Raw cannibal horror, which was also presented in Cannes, and at which also

everyone vomited.

A Titan after its premiere, BFM TV asked viewers what they thought of the film.

Movie? What movie? I didn’t see a movie. I was in a mood to vomit, to sleep at other times because I was sick, or not to look because it was so disgusting. ”

One of them said.

In contrast, the left-wing Le Monde writes about the work with a spirit of passion, with the genre designating the transgender use the word and then add as a comment:

Ildikó Enyedi his film did not receive any awards, although many thought his work was the most likely.

If you like, the result can also be seen as a message: Cannes has made the world aware of the ideological approach it prefers.