Navarra Music Gaztea returns: musical entrepreneurship for youth

The Navarro Youth Institute (INJ) has organized for this Saturday, May 21, the second edition of the Young Navarre Musican initiative that aims to bring the world of music production closer to the youth of the Autonomous Community, through talks, workshops, networking lunch and concerts.

The event, which will take place throughout the day at the Navarra Theater School, will include the participation of professionals from the music industry such as Lemon and Tal, Anne Lukin and Iker Piedrafitainforms the Government of Navarra in a statement.

This is an edition more focused on work so that professionals in the sector can establish a relationship between musicians and music promoters-managers, consult doubts and exchange experiences.

Through this event, participants will be able to get closer to the music sector by developing different activities, such as the recording of songs, distribution logistics, the importance of staging or promotion. In addition, thanks to the round tables and meetings, they will be able to deepen their knowledge to help focus the musical career of young people interested in this field and facilitate their access to the labor market.

Navarra Music Gaztea is mainly aimed at young people between 14 and 30 years old who want to dedicate themselves professionally to the world of music as artists, professionals in the sector or emerging musical groups.