Accountant Muhammad Bashir. PHOTO: EXPRESS

Accountant Muhammad Bashir. PHOTO: EXPRESS

Deputy Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif's attorney on Monday demanded that the chairman of the accountability process be excluded from the two remaining referrals filed against members of the Sharif family.

The accountability tribunal in Islamabad resumed Al-Azizia's hearing. Khawaja Haris presented the medical report of Begum Kulsoom Nawaz and requested a five-day leave from the hearing, but the court granted a three-day waiver. The next hearing is scheduled for the 12th of July.

Avenfield verdict full of typos, grammatical errors

"You have already passed judgment on the Avenfield reference," Haris told Judge Bashir. "I request that you exclude yourself from the bank if you hear al-Azizia and flagship referrals and you should write a letter to the Supreme Court in this regard, and we wanted to make a single verdict for all three cases."

Bashir agreed to consult the Islamabad High Court (IHC) and the Apex Court, saying that the appointed time to announce the three credentials was nearing completion. The prosecution stated that it had no reservations about the dismissal of the judge, provided that the court continued the hearings for the remaining two references.

The apex court had previously set 9 July as the last date for the issuance of flagship and al-azizia referrals.

Arrest warrants issued for Avenfield convicts

However, the court was only able to complete the Avenfeld reference within the prescribed period. As a result, the Accountability Court will require more time to complete the Flagship and Al-Azizia referrals. The court imposed ten years in prison for Nawaz, seven for Maryam and one for Capt (retd) Safdar with heavy fines.


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