NBA: Celtics and Bucks will play final game in Conference Semifinals

Written in MULTI-SPORT the 13/5/2022 · 22:20 hs

Los Boston Celtics brought out the best basketball available against the ropes and defeated the Milwaukee Bucks to force a return to TD Garden for a definitive seventh game, heading to the Conference Finals in the East in the NBA where the winner will face the Miami Heat who have already eliminated the Philadelphia Sixers.

The night marked by great individuals had Jayson Tatum as leading scorer for Boston, thanks to his 46 units of the 108 scored by the Massachusetts quintet to get the ticket to the prelude to the NBA Finals, which also places him with the second best record for a green player in the postseason.

On the other hand, Giannis Antetoukoumpo had an MVP night, although his 44 points and 20 rebounds were insufficient to clinch the tie at Fiserv Forumwhere they have not been able to win since game 3 to build a series marked by the visitors.

The fourth period meant the mooring of victory for the Boston team that had 11 points in a row to leave the Wisconsin infield lead at 13 points. Horford, who had scored thirty points on this same court in game four, only scored two points this Friday, but his performance was decisive in keeping the Celtics in the paint.

Relive one of the records that were experienced this NBA season