NBA fines Durant for throwing ball into stands | sports

NEW YORK (AP) – The NBA fined Kevin Durant $ 25,000 on Saturday for throwing a ball into the stands, a play that a referee later acknowledged should have led to the Brooklyn Nets star’s expulsion.

Durant was fouled with 4:40 left in the third period of Brooklyn’s 105-98 home win against the Indiana Pacers on Friday. Frustrated, Durant grabbed the ball and tossed it over the basket and into the stands.

A technical foul was called to the forward, but refereeing staff chief Sean Wright indicated after the game that the star should have been sent off.

“At that time, the referee who made the decision did not believe that the ball had landed hard in the stands. After watching the replay after the game, we saw that the ball hit the stands with force and Kevin Durant had to be sent off, “said Wright.

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