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NBA Free Agency 2021 – the Top 5 backs: nothing transcendent but some cool names to chew on

by archyw

The NBA Finals between the Suns and the Bucks are not yet over, but we already have a look at the offseason and in particular the Free Agency, which will begin on August 2. And as often before the Free Agency, we like to present the forces involved. You already have the complete list of free agents here, but it’s time to dig a little deeper to analyze the most interesting files. After the leaders, place at the rear.

DeMar DeRozan

  • Statistics in 2020-21: 21.6 points, 4.2 rebounds, 6.9 assists in 33.7 minutes (49.5% shooting and 88.0% free throws) in 61 games
  • Salary in 2020-21: $ 27.7 million
  • Contractual situation: non-restrictive free agent

After three seasons with the San Antonio Spurs, DeMar DeRozan is entering the Free Agency market and represents an attractive option for ambitious short-term teams who need scoring and creation. Again this year, in the midst of Spurs youth, DMDR made DMDR with more than 21 points average and almost seven assists. The former Dino seems rather comfortable in his mentor costume but at 31, we imagine that he will want to join a competitive franchise while filling his bank account, he who still has great things to bring to the plan. offensive. On the Spurs side, when we see the current project, extending DeRozan is probably not one of the priorities, even if Gregg Popovich and his staff have no difficulty in recognizing the added value of DMDR in his role as BAFA host. “DeMar is totally integrated into our attack where we try to move the ball. He’s always been a good leader, and he’s improved his all-around game so he’s not just a scorer ” in particular declared the eternal coach of Spurs a few weeks ago. Words that weigh heavily when they come from Pop, and we therefore do not want to completely close the door to a return of DeRozan to San Antonio. But its future seems to be written elsewhere. Where ? In his hometown of Los Angeles? There are some rumors about a potential arrival of DeRozan at the Lakers, but it would be necessary to set up a sign & trade to make it pass.

Victor Oladipo

  • Statistics in 2020-21: 19.8 points, 4.8 rebounds, 4.6 assists and 1.4 interceptions in 32.7 minutes (40.8% shooting) in 33 games
  • Salary in 2020-21: $ 21 million
  • Contractual situation: non-restrictive free agent

Victor Oladipo started the 2020-21 season on the Indiana side. He is now on the verge of becoming a free agent, he who has also been through Houston, Miami and unfortunately – once again – the infirmary this year. Clearly, Vic will not enter the Free Agency market from a position of strength. Quite the contrary. Not only did he still not manage to regain his All-Star level when he was on the field despite a production that remains correct, but in addition he suffered an injury to the quadriceps tendon of the right knee, the same tendon. who had torn in January 2019 when he was a hit with Indiana. In other words, Oladipo can forget any max contract today (he will undoubtedly have to sign a short contract), he who could also miss part of next season following his operation last May. Really not all that great. For the Heat, who had recovered Victor during the last trade deadline (against Avery Bradley, Kelly Olynyk and a first round pick swap), there is a real choice to be made this summer. Boss Pat Riley may decide to move on and use the salary flexibility that comes with a potential departure from Oladipo to recruit other players. Or Patoche and Victor sit around a table to try to find the best way to continue the adventure together. We know Oladipo loves the Heat culture, and Riley is always sensitive to it. But the ball is not really in the player’s court.

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Tim Hardaway Jr.

  • Statistics in 2020-21: 16.6 points, 3.3 rebounds, 1.8 assists in 28.4 minutes (44.7% shooting including 39.1% 3-pointers and 81.6% free throws) in 70 games
  • Salary in 2020-21: $ 18.8 million
  • Contractual situation: non-restrictive free agent

Unlike Victor Oladipo, Tim Hardaway Jr. hits the free agent market at the right time. Author of a very clean campaign among the Mavericks, very hot at the end of the season and especially in the Playoffs (17 points on average at more than 40% of the parking lot in the series against the Clippers, not bad even if he did a little roller coasters …), THJ has something to seduce a few teams through its external skill and its ability to score, especially in catch & shoot. A few weeks ago, during the first round of the Playoffs, we had already analyzed a little his file by mentioning the fact that an extension in Dallas was a fairly likely scenario. On the one hand, Hardaway Jr. seems to be enjoying his life alongside Luka Doncic – always there to send him caviar after caviar – and on the other, the Mavs said they were confident in their ability to keep him. Coach Rick Carlisle even made Hardaway Jr. a priority for the offseason. Of course, since then, a lot has changed in the ruthless world of Dallas. Carlisle is no longer there, Jason Kidd is now on the bench, and the general manager is called Nico Harrison. What does all of this mean for the future of THJ in Texas? Are the Mavs ready to take out the wallet to extend it? Will they prefer to take advantage of a greater salary margin to recruit other players? The future will answer these questions. But in the meantime, the goal of Dallas remains the same: better surround Luka Doncic in attack, by bringing him in particular help with creation and scoring. While Hardaway Jr. cannot be considered an offensive creator, he knows how to put the big orange ball in the basket and therefore remains a valuable lieutenant for Luka.

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Evan Fournier

  • Statistics in 2020-21: 17.1 points, 3.0 rebounds, 3.4 assists and 1.1 interceptions in 30.0 minutes (45.7% shooting including 41.3% at 3-pointers) in 42 games
  • Salary in 2020-21: $ 17 million
  • Contractual situation: non-restrictive free agent

Here, here, here is our national Evan Fournier. Well yes, Vavane also arrives on the Free Agency market this summer, just a few months after arriving in Boston at the time of the trade deadline. The Celtics, who had decided to use part of their massive 28.5 million trade exception (from Gordon Hayward’s sign & trade with the Hornets in November 2020) to reclaim the Charenton legend, are now led by Brad Stevens , who will have to manage the Fournier file during the off-season. As the Greens are already well armored financially, we imagine that the plan of the former coach of Boston is to extend Vavane because the Celtics will not have sufficient resources to find a player of his caliber on the market. Certainly, a Fournier extension will surely be synonymous with luxury tax but with the transfer of Kemba Walker a few weeks ago, Boston’s finances are a little less in the red over the next two years. For Evan, we think that staying in Boston – with a new coach named Ime Udoka – can be a nice challenge, because he will have a real offensive creative role to play behind Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown. Some franchises looking for a little punch in attack could land on the Frenchman’s record, like the Knicks for example, but the idea of ​​playing in a legendary franchise like Boston seems to appeal to Fournier, who has not. really been able to show his best face since his arrival because of COVID in particular. Financially, we should stay on an annual salary of around 17 million for Vavane’s next contract, like this season.

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Duncan Robinson

  • Statistics in 2020-21: 13.1 points, 3.5 rebounds, 1.8 assists in 31.4 minutes (43.9% shooting including 40.8% 3-pointers and 82.7% free throws) in 72 games
  • Salary in 2020-21: 1,7 million de dollars
  • Contractual situation: restrictive free agent

Sniper alert! A pure product of Florida training, Miami player Duncan Robinson will be able to land his first big contract this summer, he who has established himself as one of the best NBA shooters and a very important member of the Erik Spoelstra collective. We are still talking about a guy who finished fourth in the entire League in the number of 3-points scored this season (250), all with a success rate of almost 41%. Only Stephen Curry, Buddy Hield and Damian Lillard have been more prolific than him in 2020-21. This shows you a bit of how hot Duncan Robinson’s wrist can be. His profile is attractive, especially in the current League where 3-point specialists are still very much in demand. So expect some nice offers for the 27-year-old rear. “I really loved my experience in Miami, but I intend to keep my mind open” recently said the man in relation to his situation. It is important to note that the Heat keep control of the file, Pat Riley can match any offer made to his player during the offseason given that he is a restrictive free agent. As we can see with the Victor Oladipo file but also the team options on players like Goran Dragic and Andre Iguodala, Miami has great flexibility this summer to try to build the best possible team around Jimmy Butler and Bam Adebayo. Flexibility, but also choices to be made, whether in relation to the players we have just mentioned but also another restrictive free agent, namely Kendrick Nunn. In the end, Duncan Robinson is probably part of Pat Riley’s plan, remains to be seen at what cost.

But also…

  • Danny Green, unrestricted free agent
  • Josh Richardson, player option
  • Kendrick Nunn, restrictive free agent
  • Gary Trent Jr., restrictive free agent
  • Talen Horton-Tucker, restrictive free agent
  • Josh Hart, Restrictive Free Agent
  • Malik Monk, restrictive free agent
  • Alec Burks, unrestricted free agent
  • Austin Rivers, unrestricted free agent
  • Hamidou Diallo, restrictive free agent
  • Bryn Forbes, player option

So much for the big point rears / Free Agency 2021. A few good clients, including a Frenchie, and we can’t wait to see how everything will evolve from the month of August. In the meantime, we will meet again tomorrow for the Top 5 wingers.

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