NBA free agency kicks off this Thursday

The free agency from NBA starts this Thursday at 6 pm Dominican Republic time, but some of the sound names that were scheduled to create an impact on the market have decided to stay in their respective teams.

Much was speculated about the possibility that the star player of the Brooklyn Nets, Kyrie Irvingwould opt out of the US$36.5 million option for the 2022-23 season to go to another team, but announced on Monday that he was staying with the Nets, to form a trio with Kevin Durant and Ben Simmons.

The possibility of Irving becoming a free agent after the 22-23 season is real.

Wall wants to go to the Clippers

Point guard John Wall was supposed to earn $47.4 million with the Houston Rockets this season, but he has agreed to opt out of his contract and all rumors indicate that he will go to Los Angeles to play for the Clippers, according to reports. of the insider of the NBAAdrian Wojnarowski.

Westbrook stays with the Lakers

The decision that Russell Westbrook staying with the Lakers in Los Angeles was virtually certain.

After his questionable performance in the 2021-22 season, it was unlikely that he would get a team that would give him a contract that exceeded the US$47.1 million that the Lakers will have to pay him to play next season. he

Harden and Beal pending decision

James Harden y Bradley Beal they are other players who have options in their contracts for the coming campaign and are waiting to make their decisions about their immediate future.

The Philadelphia 76ers will have to pay Harden US$47.4 million for next season in case he chooses to stay with the team, at the moment this seems like the safe move, since like Westbrook his market in the league with the type of contract that he can claim is very limited.

In Beal’s case, the Washington Wizards will have to pay him $36.4 million if he takes the option to stay with the team and not become a free agent, which seems like the most sensible thing to do at the moment.