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NBA players react positive for Donald Trump’s covid-19

by archyw

Donald Trump announced at dawn last Friday that both he and the First Lady, his wife Melania, tested positive for coronavirus. After hearing the news, there were numerous reactions to the contagion of the President, who on more than one occasion has underestimated the strength of the virus, declaring that “practically does not affect anyone”, only people with “other problems”.

Particularly since the NBA have received numerous messages in relation to the news and among those who have stood out the most is that of the Orlando Magic player, Evan Fournier, who reminds him of the advice Trump gave at the time to drink bleach to defeat the virus. Advice that, in addition to being inefficient, cost the lives of more than one American.

“Time to try that disinfectant, buddy,” Fournier tweeted. The Brooklyn Nets guard, Jamal Crawford, also wanted to send her a whoosh, reminding her that “she cannot ignore science.”

Trump, in February, claimed to have the virus “under control” and that “one day, as in a miracle, it will disappear.” Another of his ‘pearls’ was refusing to use a mask, something that he admitted not using. “It is something voluntary. You can do it, but you don’t have to. I choose not to do it, but some people may want to do it and that’s okay … “.

They also wanted to remind him of those statements and, above all, to use their networks to encourage the use of a mask. It was the case of the Portland Trail Blazers player, CJ McCollum, to whom the news of Trump, served as a reminder to continue wearing the mask. Another regular of the ‘zascas’ is Kendrick Perkins, who “regretted” the news with a brief “well go.”

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