NBA rumors: Dallas Mavericks want Myles Turner, with Wood

The time has come to make a firm commitment to success that cannot be postponed. That seems to be the opinion of the management of Dallas Mavericks since there are numerous NBA rumors about the possibility that they persevere in a major signing, as it would be Myles Turner. The Indiana Pacers center continues to be one of the most coveted men on the market and his departure from the Pacers is taken for granted, but everything indicated that the Texans would disassociate themselves from the bid after incorporating Christian Wood. Nothing is further from reality. Doncic’s men are aware that they need great defensive power if they want to qualify for the ring and Wood does not guarantee those services, so they will seek the signing of Turner, according to

Everything indicates that Brunson will not remain in the team, so it is urgent to reinforce himself with illustrious names and take advantage of the money that will be available. As good a level as he gave last year, the Mavs are aware that Dinwiddie could become a potential problem in the game scheme and locker room chemistry, as he needs a lot of offensive prominence. Therefore, they would be willing to see his departure as a bargaining chip for Turner’s arrival. While it is true that the Pacers could settle for a first round draft and Spencer, everything indicates that for the move to be viable, there will have to be other teams involved.

Houston Rockets and Chicago Bulls could be involved in a three-way trade

In the case of the Rockets, they would favor the departure of Eric Gordon to Indiana, who would also receive a first round draft from Dallas. Dinwiddie and Green would land in Houston and Myles Turner would arrive at some Mavs eager to give him defensive prominence and supply him with balls in pick & roll and pick & pop, whether or not Wood is on the court at that time, with whom he should be compatible. He has shared years with a center like Sabonis, so he knows how to occupy spaces in these cases. Another possibility would be for the Mavs to send Powell and Finney-Smith to the Chicago Bulls in order for Vucevic to end up with the Pacers, which would pave the way for Turner to come to Dallas.