[NBA]2020 Eastern Conference Finals Remake vs Celtics Two Secret Skills Challenge “One Brother” Heat

Celtic two secret skills pick machine “one brother” heat

Both the east and west coasts of the NBA playoffs have reached the final stage, of which the East Coast final will be a remake of 2020, with the Heat battering the Celtics. The Bubble Showdown in Orlando two years ago was won by the Heat, and this year’s No. 1 seed on the East Coast can repeat history and achieve the dream of reaching the finals for the sixth time in nearly 12 years, or the fourth time in the past six years. The “Green Army” who entered the Eastern Conference finals can end the 4-game losing streak in the finals and achieve a breakthrough, which has indeed attracted much attention.

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With a solid defense, the Celtics, who played almost the best performance in the league in the past three and a half months, eliminated the defending Bucks in the East Coast semi-finals in seven games, showing their strength. In fact, in the promotion process, in addition to their strong defense, the “Green Army” has two more weapons to assist in the hegemony, including the standard three-pointer. In seven games against the Bucks, the Celtics scored 53 more 3-pointers than the Bucks, the largest gap in league history in a playoff series in which they scored a combined 110. , is also the third-most series in NBA history. In addition, the Bucks gave opponents a total of 44.8% of their three-pointers in the regular season, which is the second most in the league, and the first is actually the Heat with 45.6%. If the “Green Army” can start the “three-pointer” in this series This will give you a major advantage.


Smart’s (left) defense is one of the Celtics’ weapons.


The Heat are united and have a strong home-court advantage.

As for another advantage, it is the strength of the bench. The “Green Army” ranks second in the league in scoring in the reserve team in the playoffs this year. If Grant Williams scored 27 points as the main selection in the last round of Game7 Williams), returning to the reserve this series, the Celtics will have more firepower in the reserve. In comparison, even though the Heat have the best sixth man, Tyler Herro, at any time in the reserve, the team’s second-line soldiers are only ranked 10th in the league, which is obviously inferior to the “Green Army”. wind.


Jamie Pina’s firepower in the playoffs continued unabated.

Of course, the Heat can easily kick the 76ers, which naturally has its strengths. The chief star Jimmy Butler came to the playoffs and broke out, averaging 28.7 points, 7.6 rebounds and 5.4 assists per game, and the shooting percentage was as high as 52.5%, and the most terrible thing is that his average regular season shot only Twice and only 23.3% of the three-pointers, in the playoffs also improved to an average of 4 attempts and 36.4%. At another scoring point, Kyle Lowry (Kyle Lowry) has missed 6 of the last 8 playoff games due to a left thigh injury.


The Heat Reserve Corps headed by Shilu needs to strengthen the firepower.


Datu (right) did not lose the upper lap against Antetokounmpo.

As for the most crucial home field advantage, it also falls on the Heat, the No. 1 seed on the East Coast. In the regular season, the Heat had the best home game on the East Coast with 29 wins and 12 losses, and in the playoffs, they won 6 straight games at home, winning an average of 17 points per game. It will not be easy for the “Green Army” to achieve good results by visiting the FTX Arena.