NBC Los Angeles – Dodgers and MLB Players Temporary speaks to an Astros Film and Apology Recently.

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NL MVP Cody Bellinger asked José Altuve and Houston Astros to submit their trophies and said they were also suspicious of last season’s scheduling.

“One hundred percent, ‘” said the slugger amp. ” I don’t know why they stopped. “

The full-star potter Trevor Bauer went further.

“I’m not to let them forget that they are hypocrites, they’re cheaters, they’re stolen from many others and the game itself,” Bauer told reporters at Cincinnati’s training camp in Goodyear, Arizona.

The Astros stolen signal scam continued on Friday, a day after widespread criticism for Houston’s owner, Jim Crane, for an apology to call him a lot.

“They cheated. They were found guilty. And I haven’t heard it yet,” said Washington’s general Mike Rizzo, whose Houston beat team in Game 7 of the World Series last year.

“The main thing I spend is that it puts a black cloud over the sport I love. And that is not right. The commissioner investigated and discovered that they were cheating in 2017 and 2018. t someone then say the words: ‘cheated.’ And that’s important to me, “said Rizzo.

There was another message for the Astros at the new Dodgers packer, Alex Wood, watching out. There was no speculation Houston winners could face on-site retaliation from opposing pitchers.

“It’s hard for you. What I mean is that they did a lot of people’s lives, “he said.

“But I wouldn’t be surprised if something happened, but to be honest. It’s funny, because I’m sure it will happen. Someone will take their own hands, and they will be suspended more than any of those who have received the biggest cheating scandal in the last 100 years. It will be pretty nice when that happens, because I am sure it is so as it will play out.

Meanwhile, more Astros spoke on the 2017 team that.

“There is a line there and it certainly is crossed. I want to say I’m sorry for the fans, on Baseball Base League, on my colleagues, and on anyone else who was affected by this,” Jake Marisnick, a new outdoor man with Mets said.

Mets teammate said J.D. Davis felt it “shame” to be part of the scandal. He also acknowledged that he did not tell the truth in December when he asked what he knew about the Houston litter litter scheme: “I have no idea or idea.”

“I spoke a little too early,” Davis said at the Mets camp in Port St Lucie, Florida. “MLB asked and I co-operated with them.”

Tony Kemp was on the Astros also. Promoted by the sailors at the end of 2017, the new Houston staff quickly asked if he wanted to be part of the stolen signal scheme.

His response was a firm response.

“When I arrived there in September the system was already in place and I tried to keep my head down,” said the infielder at Oakland camp.

New York Yankees general manager Brian Cashman said he thought the Astros were breaking long rules before Commissioner Rob Manfred issued his report in January.

“I recognize that we had converted a lot with Major Baseball Base for several years under suspicion, but there are two different things that we suspect to be suspect and being able to prove it,” Cashman said.

Crane initially said that he did not believe that the scam games won the 2017 World Series Astros, and then confirmed that it was difficult to determine. The Yankees lost to the Astros in the AL Series Championship seven games that year, leaving the four games in Houston.

“I think things were affected, without question,” said Cashman at Yankees camp in Tampa, Florida. “Houston Astros is certainly the only one that has had a particular advantage than their opponents. That’s what.

Bauer was not nearly as diplomatic.

“They told everything about everyone who said they were doing something under the table or illegally or whatever,” said Bauer, wearing a couple of outlets adding, “Now you are sorry.”

“What did you expect from them? All the time they were super-dismissed and it is very clear that they don’t think it affected the game. They think they were on the right.” you tell a mock excuse, “he said.

Bellinger said that Yankees star Aaron Judge earned more in 2017 and so did the Dodgers, who lost Game 7 of the World Series to Houston.

“These guys were cheating for three years,” said Bellinger. “I think there are people who don’t understand that the MVP from the Judge in ’17 was stolen by Altuve. Everyone knows that they stole the ring from us. “



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