NDR Info News from June 26th, 2022, 6:10 p.m. | – News – NDR Info

G7 announce global investment program

The USA announced a global investment program at the G7 meeting in Bavaria. This is intended to finance infrastructure projects in developing countries, such as the expansion of the health system, energy or climate protection projects. Above all, countries from Africa should benefit. The Western industrial nations want to counter the growing influence of China. A total of $600 billion is to be mobilized over the next five years, of which the United States has announced that it will take on $200 billion. The amount is to come from loans, government grants and private capital. | 06/26/2022 18:10

Attack on Kyiv for the first time in weeks

The Ukrainian capital Kyiv has been attacked by Russia with rockets for the first time in three weeks. This morning there were several explosions in the metropolis. An advisor to the Ministry of the Interior wrote in the Telegram service that, among other things, a nine-storey apartment building had been hit. There were several injured there. The house is in close proximity to an armaments factory that has been attacked with rockets for the third time. | 06/26/2022 18:10

One-time payment discussion

In view of the high inflation, the discussion about possible one-off payments from companies to their employees is gaining momentum. According to media reports, Chancellor Scholz wants to advocate such an approach. Federal Finance Minister Lindner emphasized in the “Handelsblatt” that one-off payments could make sense if the collective bargaining partners agreed on them. However, the responsibility for appropriate wages and salaries lies with the employers and trade unions – they cannot be assumed by the state, according to Lindner. Employer President Dulger told the Funke newspapers that all indications from politics – such as now for one-off payments – could make collective bargaining more difficult than easier. According to reports, Scholz wants the unions to waive part of the wage increases in return for a one-off payment. | 06/26/2022 18:10

Measures against chaos at airports

Thousands of specialists from Turkey are to remedy the staff shortage at German airports. According to media reports, the federal government wants to help the industry get the expected travel chaos in the summer under control. Many airlines and airport operators had laid off masses of people or sent them on short-time work during the Corona period. Now around 7,000 workers are missing. A Lufthansa board member estimates that flight operations will not be back to normal until 2023. Consumer Minister Lemke calls on the airlines to inform travelers about their rights and, if necessary, to compensate them. According to media reports, airport staff from Turkey could help out from July. The condition is – according to the Minister of Labor Heil – that the wages are paid according to the collective agreement. Transport Minister Wissing said the government was not responsible for companies’ personnel policies. | 06/26/2022 18:10

Funeral service after shooting attack in Oslo

Norway’s Prime Minister Gahr Stoere and members of the royal family commemorated the victims of yesterday’s shooting at a funeral service in Oslo. The heir to the throne, Haakon and Mette-Marit, also attended the service in the capital’s cathedral. A man shot dead two people during the Pride parade in the center of the capital. There were also more than 20 injured. The Norwegian security service speaks of an Islamist act of terrorism. The Norwegian citizen from Iran is therefore in custody. | 06/26/2022 18:10

Air show in Schönefeld ended

The International Air Show has come to an end in Schönefeld near Berlin. Around 72,000 visitors found out about innovations from the aerospace industry. The organizers were satisfied with the rush and spoke of a strong comeback after the break caused by the pandemic. 550 exhibitors were represented at the exhibition center, only about half as many as at the last ILA 2018. | 06/26/2022 18:10

Small Müritz: explosion on sports boat

In an explosion on a sports boat on the Kleine Müritz, two people were life-threatening and another was seriously injured. They suffered burns and, according to the police, were flown to special clinics in Berlin and Lübeck with rescue helicopters. The victims are said to be 39, 59 and 60 years old and come from the state of Brandenburg. The cause of the explosion is still unclear. The boat was anchored at the time of the accident. | 06/26/2022 18:10

Weather forecast

Clear to cloudy, scattered showers and thunderstorms. Humid at 18 degrees on Sylt and up to 30 degrees in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. Heavy showers and thunderstorms at night in the west. Otherwise dry and partly clear. 18 to 13 degrees. Showers and thunderstorms tomorrow, longer dry towards Western Pomerania, 18 to 34 degrees. On Tuesday mostly friendly with 20 to 26 degrees. On Wednesday clear to cloudy and mostly dry, 20 to 29 degrees. | 06/26/2022 18:10

storm warning

In Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and in the east of Schleswig-Holstein, individual heavy thunderstorms with heavy rain of up to 40 liters per square meter in a short time, gusts of wind and hail until the evening. | 06/26/2022 18:10