Near Chartres, at the zoo-refuge La Tanière, these residents who are the soul of the place, the animals of the wild fauna # 10

Still waiting to be able to finally open its doors to the public, the zoo-refuge La Tanière in Nogent-le-Phaye (Eure-et-Loir) near Chartres continues its transformation, its development, arranging reception areas for its proteges.

The den, it is the work of a lifetime for Francine and Patrick Violas who, after having succeeded in the field of mobile telephony, sold their business and, since then, have given themselves completely to the animal cause by creating this exceptional “Christmas Ark”. But in recent days, the continuing health crisis sine die, they launched a call for help, seriously questioning the future of their project.


These residents all have a story.

Beyond all these proteges often saved from a disastrous fate, the couple want each visitor to remember the name of these animals because, behind, hides an often symbolic and revealing history of our society.

Tenth focus this week with the wildlife animals.

Among the diversity of species present at the refuge, there are some representatives of the rural wildlife, all from administrative entries and placed in La Tanière for illegal detention.

Wild boars

Emile and Peggy have peaceful days
Emile and Peggy have peaceful days (© La Tanière)

Émile, a young wild boar, is one of those residents who should never have left their natural environment.

Captured by a farmer using a trap door when he was just one brands without, he lived his first months of existence in a cattle trailer, fed on food scraps.

Unable to return to live in the wild, his healers strive every day to develop his natural behavior.

Sophie Fernandes-PetitotCommunication manager of La Tanière


Many deer arrived at an early age
Many deer arrived at an early age (© La Tanière)

La Tanière also takes care of many deer collected from an early age by individuals who thought them orphans or abandoned.

Among them is Bamby, a young roe deer totally imbued with humans and held like a domestic animal… to such an extent that he shared the dog bowl of his former place of residence!

This young brocade is today impossible to integrate into the group of deer on the site. Very territorial, it does not tolerate any congeners and systematically charges any individual who enters its enclosure.

Sophie Fernandes-Petitot


Tic, a young magnificent squirrel housed in La Tanière
Tic, a young magnificent squirrel housed in La Tanière (© La Tanière)

Among the other species that have passed through the refuge, animal teams have also taken care of squirrels such as Tic, recovered by the authorities before being resold on the internet.

Foxes, goldfinches, birds of prey …

Pirouette and Harry, bottle-reared red foxes, goldfinches captured with glue, turtles, boys, levrauts

It is a multitude of cases whose stories are repeated each year with the arrival of spring and the discoveries of individuals who walk in nature.

Sophie Fernandes-Petitot
Harry a cute red fox
Harry a pretty red fox (© La Tanière)

Even if we think we are doing well, we must let nature do its work.

Taking in a young person without necessity condemns him without doubt to health problems linked to unsuitable food or detention conditions.

The inability to survive alone and human impregnation are also all factors that will make his return to the wilderness compromised.

As for people who discover injured animals, it is worth remembering that:

The care centers are the only ones authorized to transport, house, care for and maintain wild animals temporarily unable to survive in their natural environment. Their detention by private individuals, even temporarily in the case of emergency transport, is illegal and subject to authorization.

Sophie Fernandes-Petitot

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