Near Le Havre, the manager of the nursing home no longer pays rent, investments are blocked

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«C‘was a baroque montage », Began Hubert Dejean de la Bâtie, last Monday, to present the seventh deliberation submitted to the municipal council of Sainte-Adresse. On March 2, 1977, long before he became mayor, the City had entered into an emphyteutic lease with the Société d’Économie Mixe Immobilier de Normandie (Seminor), concerning part of the Roseraie site, communal property since 1946.

While there was still a maternity hospital, the body building and managing real estate based in Fécamp was entrusted with a parcel of the park, for consideration, with a view to building and maintaining a residence-home of the elderly. The nursing home was born and today has 80 beneficiaries. The expiry date of the long-term lease was set for December 30, 2075. But the contractual document also includes a termination clause which the municipality is struggling to use.

It states that one or the other of the parties may terminate the agreement as soon as Seminor has fully reimbursed all its loans related to the construction of the buildings.

Or, « these conditions are now met, underlines the City. But Seminor is taking a little time to answer us. And the situation does not suit the establishment.

« You could tell me I’m doing favoritism »

The nursing home La Roseraie is managed on a daily basis by an association: the Cogerpa. Who previously had to pay its rent to Seminor, up to the costs incurred by the latter. ” But Seminor can no longer touch them », Said the mayor. ” And we, we can’t take it yet », He adds. The town hall, which therefore wanted to simplify its links with the association by switching to a classic relationship between owner and occupant and without intermediary, is not amused by this context which it describes as ” untenable “, Or even” ubiquitous ».

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La Cogerpa no longer knowing to whom to pay its due, which represents 60,000 to 65,000 € annually, keeps this money in the drawer. While the City, which wants to see the nursing home’s offer develop, modernize it, offer more comfort to its residents, cannot invest in it or have work organized there, until it has resumed it. full ownership.

Seminor would only collect management fees ” for a management that it no longer operates », Says the first magistrate. ” They make us feel like we’re playing the clock, he insists. For the notary who accompanies us, it is however only a question of will. »

Authorized Monday by his colleagues to initiate the early termination procedure, Hubert Dejean de la Bâtie explained that he had contacted elected directors of Seminor, and repeated that he was going to write to the company. Will it have to go further and use the law, as municipal councilors suggest? ” We will get angry if we have to », Launches the mayor. Well aware, too, that this impasse around rent could play a trick on him. ” You could tell me that I am doing favoritism. All this for red tape. It’s silly He annoys.



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