near Nantes, a severed 20,000 volt cable wraps around a bus

The 20,000 volt power line was severed by a falling tree swept away by the gusts of storm Larisa. Pascal Huot /

The power line, damaged by the fall of a tree, came to wrap around the mirror of a bus which circulated on the commune of Sautron. The vehicle was immobilized for about an hour and a half while the emergency services secured the area.

Le Figaro Nantes

More fear than harm. The driver of an Aléop bus, from the regional transport network in Pays de la Loire, found himself in an unusual situation this Friday morning. At the place called Le Bel Abord, in the town of Sautron, located about fifteen kilometers from Nantes, he was trapped by a 20,000 volt power line severed by the fall of a tree uprooted by the gusts of storm Larisa. Improbably, the cable came wrapped around the rearview mirror of the vehicle.

To get him out of this trap, the firefighters intervened around 7:30 a.m. as indicated by the Loire-Atlantique departmental fire and rescue operational center (Codis). They have “secured the situation by confining the 24 passengers on the bus, in order to allow Enedis services [le gestionnaire du réseau de distribution d’électricité, NDLR] to ensure that the power is cut off”. In total, the bus will have been immobilized for around 1h30 since it was able to resume its journey around 9 am.

The church of Donges loses its rooster

This is far from the only intervention that the firefighters had to manage this Friday morning. They were requested about twenty times in connection with the weather alert for high winds. Most of the outings involved “fallen trees on the public road or objects threatening to fall”. For its part, the Department of Loire-Atlantique reports that its agents carried out 53 interventions between this Thursday, 7 p.m., and this Friday, 8 a.m., on the 4300 kilometers of the departmental road network. If 45 interventions concerned the presence of obstacles on the roadway, the community also reports that its agents were mobilized in eight road accidents.

Symbol of the strong gusts which blew last night in Loire-Atlantique – a peak was recorded at 135km / h – the rooster of the church of the commune of Donges fell from the top of the bell tower which rises to 75 meters. The lightning conductor was held in place by a cable. Again, the firefighters intervened to secure the area to allow members of the Group of recognition and intervention in perilous environment (Grimp) to intervene. At the beginning of the afternoon, the situation seemed to be back to normal.

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