Near Rennes. A doctor vandalized because of the Covid

Marc Metay is a doctor in the Rennes metropolitan area, in Cesson-Sévigné. On Monday, he had the bad surprise to find an annotated bag in place of his professional plate.

Huge surprise, Monday morning August 17, when a patient warns the doctor Marc Metay: “There is a bag on your plate. ” A paper bag affixed with a text cut out from a newspaper “retirement on alert” is placed on the site of his professional plaque which was unscrewed and stolen. « A deliberate, premeditated act. It is necessary to prepare the unscrewing and the installation of the bag with glued text. “

The fear of Covid 19

The doctor practices in Cesson-Sévigné, near Rennes. It is certain « this message clearly alludes to the author’s wish to send me away in the context of Covid 19. My office being on the ground floor of a residence, people are afraid. “

He conducted his investigation and seems to have found the sentence from which the text is taken, it would come from a series of articles in the press on retirement homes on alert … “I don’t know if it’s retired or retired. But I am inclined to be retired ”, explains the doctor.

“I still have time to retire, I am 63 years old”, he quips. He thinks the person who put that bag on and stole their license plate is afraid of the Covid. “For some people, especially retirees, I am a danger. ” The nursing staff were applauded for several weeks but some were also invited to move. “When people don’t know about a disease, they are afraid. “

“20 years ago, when I moved in. They’ve already wanted me to leave. Epidemics and diseases worry. “ The doctor has stayed, and there are even clients in the residence who appreciate having a doctor so close.

We need caregivers

Jean-Pierre Savignac, the mayor of the town is angry at this behavior. “I have a certain annoyance around these acts against caregivers. People forget that caregivers have helped to get out of the crisis. They must be preserved from all moral pressures. We need them. “

Especially since the Coronavirus is not transmitted like that, “Just put on a mask and wash your hands often”. This is what Marc Metay has been doing since the N1H1 flu in 2009. “I have masks, gel and I haven’t shaken hands for 10 years. “

On Monday, he went to file a complaint with the municipal police and sent a letter to the order of doctors. “This is an act of vandalism directed against a caregiver in a context of exaggerated fear. “

In the meantime, Marc Metay is sad: “It means a firing. It hurts after 35 years in the business. “



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